We have many programs for all ages on Sundays and mid week.  



M O R N I N G  

 K I D S

In our children’s program SMK,
we worship God and engage in
interactive teaching times, games
and activities. SMK seeks to equip
disciples to know God, show
His love to others and continue
to grow in their love and
knowledge of Him. 

All ages from First Steps through to  Youth Bible Study
AM Service | 9:30am

mainly music

A fun morning filled with music, activities, and a structured playtime for pre-schoolers,
where carers can connect with their child, each other and the local church.

10:00am - 11:30am
(during school terms)

We are really sorry to be the bearers of bad news!  We are currently at capacity and our waiting list is full.

 Check back soon to see when we have more places.