We Believe...



The Bible is inspired by God and is the only true written revelation of God. It is the final authority in all matters of faith and behaviour and is immensely applicable and beneficial to our everyday lives.

The one and only eternal God of the Bible, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He created heaven and earth and everything in them. He is totally loving and completely holy.

People are created in the image of God but have fallen far short of God's standards in thought, word and action. Therefore we have become separated from Him and His purpose for our lives. People by their own efforts are unable to restore this relationship and we need God's help to do so.

Because of God's love, He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ into this world to reconcile us to Himself. Jesus was born of a virgin and was both God and man. He taught and demonstrated how God wants us to live. He led a faultless life and died on a cross to take the punishment we deserve from God for our disregard of God. Three days later He was physically raised to life by God, taken back up into heaven, where He now reigns with God, and with God the Father sympathetically listens and responds to our prayers. Jesus secured forgiveness and eternal life for all who trust and follow Him. At God's appointed time He will come again to earth to judge mankind whether alive or dead.

A person becomes a Christian when by faith they receive Jesus Christ into their life as Lord and Saviour.  They are thereby forgiven, and endeavour to submit to his direction for the rest of their lives (Ephesians 2:8-10). Our response to Jesus will determine our eternal destiny in Heaven or Hell.

The person of the Holy Spirit convicts us of our need for God, leads us to faith in Jesus and gives us new and eternal life with God. He lives within us, empowering and gifting us for Godly living shown by our love and service to God and others. His presence in our life is a guarantee of our eternal future with God.

The family of God's people consists of all true believers everywhere.

God commands believers to go with His help throughout the world making others into followers of Jesus Christ, by sharing with them the Good News, baptising believers and teaching them to obey Him.

Satan is a real spiritual enemy and though defeated by Jesus Christ's life, death and resurrection, he continues to actively oppose God's purposes, wreak havoc in the world and influence people not to follow Jesus. When Jesus returns to earth, Satan will be made powerless and suffer eternal punishment.

As Followers Of Jesus

  • Our lives are to be marked and motivated by our love for God and people.
  • We use our lives, time, finances, gifts and abilities to serve God and others.
  • Our faith in Jesus Christ is expressed through baptism by immersion in water.
  • We celebrate weekly the Lord's Supper, which keeps us focused on Christ.
  • We habitually attend Church and are actively involved in its life and mission.
  • We grow in faith as Christians through the disciplines of prayer, reading the Bible and loving interaction with other believers.

You may also find out more about the Churches of Christ from our NSW website: www.freshhope.org.au/page/45/Who+We+Are